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Welcome to White Flag Social

Here is what to expect: 


This is an awesome opportunity to spend time knowing more about God as well as getting to know each other. 

Sundays we sit in circles and engage in fun, in conversions, as well as challenge our faith together.

High School at 9am

Jr. High at 10:45am

Wednesdays: WE DO THIS FOR YOU

"WE" represents all of those that call WFS home. 

The "YOU" represents you as well as those that should be apart of the WFS family. 

We'll experience fun, high energy worship, a message, and connect groups. 

Connect groups: Gather together in grade and gender specific groups to celebrate, encourage, and pray for one another.  

High School and Jr. High at 6: 30-8:30

A Special Message from Ventura

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  • White Flag Social

    Ventura, Ca

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