Sunday WFS

High School 9 / Jr High 10:45 in Student Room

Wednesday WFS

High School 6:30 - 8:30  in  Lobby

Jr. High 6:30 - 8:30 in Student Room

  • Graduation Sunday (June 3rd)

    Graduation Sunday is the weekend where we celebrate all of our students who are graduating out of our programs.  Seniors will be celebrated at the 9 am service, and 8th graders will be celebrated at the 10:45 service,  Both service will be in the student room. 

  • Promotion Sunday (June 10th)

    Promotion Sunday is the weekend where we celebrate our new incoming students. 

    Incoming 9th graders are invited to attend our 9 am. service. Incoming 6th graders are invite to attend our 10:45 service. 

  • 6th Grade Student/Parent Meeting (June 10th)

    We want to invite all of the incoming 6th graders and their parents to a meeting with the Student Ministry staff. 

    Where: Student Room

    When: After 10:45 Service on Sunday June 10th

    Lunch will be provided. 

  • WFS Summer Night Kickoff (June 13th)

    Summer Night Programs start this Wednesday! 

    High School will meet at the Ranch.  ( incoming 9th grade through current 12th grade)

    The ranch is located  down the road from TCC. Just follow the  signs. 

    Jr. High will meet on TCC Campus ( incoming 6th grade through current 7th grade) 

    Our focus for the these events is to create healthy relationships and fun. 

    Be on the lookout for Color Wars . 

  • Hume Lake  (June 24-30)

    High School summer camp at Hume Lake Campgrounds. 

    Click here to sign-up or for more info. 

  • MIX (July 16 -20)

    Jr. High Summer Camp at William Jessup. 

    For more info click here.

    Check out their website by clicking the picture.